End of Farrington Highway

The westernmost tip of Oahu, Kaʻena Point, some ancient Hawaiian folklore thought that Kaʻena Point was the “jumping-off” point for souls leaving this world. Kaʻena Point State Park has an abundance of activities to do – hiking, snorkeling, surfing (for experts) and of course sun bathing on the beach.

Make sure that you bring water with you because there are no water fountains at Kaʻena Point State Park.

ʻKaʻena Point Trail is about five miles (round trip) and takes you along with volcanic coast where you can see things like native animals, tide pools, and the Pacific Ocean.

The Mokule’ia Section, a controlled vehicle access area allows vehicle use for people with permits. Previously this area was unregulated, but after some abused this privilege, access became regulated (2014). Permit owners receive the combination to the lock on the gate (changed every Wednesday) via the internet.

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