Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport

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Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport (KOA), along with Hilo International Airport, is one of two major airports on the island of Hawaii.  Named after Ellison Onizuka, a NASA astronaut from Hawaii, about three million travelers pass through Kona International Airport yearly.

Kona International Airport Layout

When you first arrive at the airport there are two different parking lots one for the employees and one for public parking. Once you walk in the front doors of the airport you’ll see ticketing check-in.

After you have checked into the airport you will be met with security. After you go through security there are restaurants and little stores that you can eat before you board your flight or after you have already landed. Past that are the terminals. Terminal 1 has gates 1-5 and Terminal 2 has gates 6-10.

Kona Airport Pet Policies

You can bring your pet to Hawaii, but it will have to meet the guidelines. They have to have been vaccinated and tested for rabies no later than 30 days prior to the flight to Hawaii. In addition, fees need to be paid to release your checked-in pet.

Service dogs are allowed on planes, as long as the proper documentation is filled out and the animal has met all the requirements of a service dog that Kona Airport requires.

Kona International Airport Disability Services

Kona Airport offers a lot of tips and makes accommodations for those with disabilities. They have accessible curbside loading zones for the disabled. They also have accessible parking spaces that are in the public parking lot directly across the entrance terminals near the crosswalks.

In addition, if you ask for it, the airlines will provide skycap (porter) service to passengers with special needs.