Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (Honolulu)

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If you’re flying into Hawaii, there’s a good chance you’ll be landing in Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (IATA: HNL). With over 20 million guests per year, HNL is the busiest airport in the Aloha State.

HNL Layout

HNL airport layout

Situated nine miles north of world-famous Waikiki, Honolulu Airport measures about 4,500 acres and has four runways. This airport has three terminals that serve both domestic and international flights. Terminal 1 is used exclusively by Hawaiian Airlines while Terminal 2 handles international flights from numerous carriers. The smaller Terminal 3 solely services inter-island flights on Kona-based Mokulele Airlines.

All check-in counters for terminals 1 and 2 can be found on the second floor. You’ll have to visit the ground level, however, to check in to Terminal 3. Like most other airports, baggage claim for all three HNL terminals is on the ground level.

Currently, there are 13 gates in Terminal 1 and 29 gates in Terminal 2. There is also a complimentary bus service called “Wiki Wiki” that travels between gates for those who need the service.

If you want to see all the airlines that operate in HNL’s Terminal 2, be sure to check out this official list.

Agricultural & Pet Inspections At HNL

Anyone traveling with pets or agricultural goods should expect to face a severe inspection from HNL authorities on their visit. Honolulu Airport has very stringent quarantine rules for pets and plants to prevent the spread of rabies, fruit flies, and other harmful diseases.

If you have agricultural goods, it’s your duty to inform inspectors beforehand. If you do not, you will most likely be required to empty your bags when going through the TSA.

In terms of animals, Honolulu requires pets that aren’t with law enforcement or someone with a medical disability to be locked inside an approved air carrier. If you’re waiting with your pet at HNL, there are a few designated grassy areas you can bring leashed animals for a bathroom break. One of these locations is between the International and Terminal 2 parking garages, while the others are located on the ground level by the C. B. Lansing Garden and the Hawaiian Garden.

Ground Transportation

There are several ways to get from HNL to downtown Honolulu including public buses, charter service, taxis, and rental car. Currently, there are six rental car companies operating in Honolulu International, all of which are located on the airport’s ground level near Terminal 2 Parking Garage. It should only take about 20-minutes to reach Waikiki from HNL if you take Interstate H-1 East.

You could also pick up a ride-share vehicle on the airport’s second floor by designated signs.

Where Can I Find More HNL Info?

The best place to learn more about HNL is to visit the airport’s official website. On this website, you’ll find detailed flight information, terminal maps, and details on the airport’s official policies. There’s also a comprehensive overview of transportation, car rentals, baggage claim, and many other issues.

If you want to speak with an airport representative directly, consider calling HNL’s Visitor Information at (808) 836-6413. You could also call the airport’s official 24-hour hotline at (808) 836-6411.