Top 5 Things To Do in Waikiki

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Primarily known for its iconic and world-famous white sandy beaches, Waikiki has been a vacation spot for centuries. Back in the 1800’s some of Hawaii’s royalty used to vacation there. While it’s no longer the 1800’s, it’s still a popular vacation spot. If you’re looking to head here for vacation, there’s plenty to see and do. 1. Head to the … Read More

Camping on Kauai

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Kauai Camping

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands and the fourth largest in Hawaii. It’s garnered the nickname “Garden Isle” and stands out fairly distant from the main parts of Hawaii, roughly 105 miles from Oahu. Despite that, the island boasts lots of excellent options for camping on Kauai. Camping here is pretty reasonable, costing just $12 for state parks … Read More

Camping on Molokai

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Molokai Camping

Molokai is an island about twenty-eight miles east of Honolulu and about thirty-five miles across, full of gorgeous spaces to relax and enjoy camping on Molokai. This is a cozy island, just the fifth largest in Hawaii, and has earned the name, “The Friendly Island.” There are lots of ways to enjoy a relaxing camping experience while exploring Hawaii—let’s take … Read More

Camping on Maui

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Maui Camping

Have you dreamed of camping on Maui and enjoying the beauty closeup? Are you getting ready to make a trip to explore the Valley Isle? From spending a night under the stars to hiking verdant trails, you can enjoy a camping experience that will be long remembered. Here are some places that might be on your list for enjoying camping … Read More

Camping on Oahu

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Camping in Oahu

For many travelers, thoughts of a trip to Oahu often center around luxurious resort lodgings, guided island tours, robust and vibrant luaus, and the like. But for some island visitors, camping on Oahu is their ideal vacation destination. If you’re planning a visit to Oahu and would be interested in ‘roughing it’ (well, maybe just a little bit!) and look … Read More

Camping on Hawaii

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Camping in Hawai'i

Camping on Hawaii is adventurous fun for all ages. Grab your gear and visit these campsites or find your own: Kauai Camping In Kōkeʻe State Park, you can hike trails to see waterfalls, deep valleys, tropical forests, and views of the Na Pali coast. There are strenuous and easy hikes, a museum to visit, and plenty of photo opportunities for … Read More

The Picturesque Oahu for Photographers

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Best Places for Photos on Oahu

For photographers, Hawaii is a dream. Even for the novice photographers, sights to capture surround you throughout the islands. The beaches and sights from Hawaii’s State Parks offer an abundance of memories and sights to capture. Beyond that, photographer may consider taking a tour to ensure that they don’t miss a taking a scene from the islands home with them. … Read More

5 Historical Sights on Oahu

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USS Arizona

For history buffs, Oahu offers plenty to see. Not only can you learn about, and experience American history, but also that of the Native Hawaiians. Here are five historical sights that you’ll want to take in during your visit to Oahu. December 7, 1941. A day forever marked in infamy by the sneak attack by the Japanese on the United … Read More

Diamond Head Hike

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Diamond Head Hike in Hawaii

If you’re visiting Oahu, Diamond Head is one of the places you should visit. It offers a unique experience as you walk through a 300,000 crater and see beautiful panoramic views of the ocean and the lush valleys that line Oahu from above it all. To enjoy the majestic views, you’ll have to hike the Diamond Head (Le’ahi) Summit Trail … Read More

What to Bring to Hawaii

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bring snorkel gear to hawaii

Getting ready for your trip to Hawaii? Aside from the logistical aspects – plane tickets, lodging, car – you want to make sure you pack everything that you’ll need. Aside from the things that you pack for every trip, you’ll want to take some things specifically for Hawaii. Don’t worry, we’re here to help – we’ll help you think about … Read More